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Vastu for Restaurants & Hotels

All ground rules of Vastu Shastra for a residential plot equally applicable to the hospitality Industry. People come for short while they stay in the hotel, eat in the restaurants. Sometimes they do business work. Here we have few tips which can be applied while designing the hotels and restaurants

  1. The plot should be of regular shape southwest to southeast corner at 90 degrees preferably from road.

  2. More space should keep open towards north and east as compared to south and west.

  3. Slope should be towards northeast.

  4. Northeast zone should be used for the construction of water boring, well, underground water reservoir or swimming pool etc. Lawns (avoiding tall trees) with flowering plants and fountains etc. can be organized in north and east open space.

  5. If the building is centrally air conditioned the central A/C plant should be located in the south east corner of the building. Individual room air conditioners can be fixed on the south or west wall towards southeast, southwest and northwest corners. Northeast corner should be avoided for this purpose.

  6. In the hotels and restaurant services, the kitchen requires a large space, good light and ventilation. Preferably, the kitchen should be at ground floor in southeast zone. All electrical appliances like ovens, grinders and mixers used in kitchen could be placed in southeast corner of the kitchen. Storeroom location could be in west or south of the kitchen.

  7. Boilers, diesel generators, transformers, capacitors, control panels etc. should be placed in southeast zone.

  8. Elevators should be placed in south zone.

  9. Entrance gate to the hotel could be located in

    · North facing between mid north and northeast corner
    · East facing between mid east to northeast corner
    · West facing between mid west to northwest corner
    · South facing between mid south to south east corner.

    Normally south facing main gate is not considered as auspicious

  10. Toilets could be placed in southwest, northwest and in unavoidable circumstances in southeast. Northeast corner for toilet is strictly prohibited. Mirrors and washbasin should be installed to east or north side of walls.

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